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lib/geminstaller/exact_match_list_command.rb 16 11


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Coverage Details

1 module GemInstaller
2   class ExactMatchListCommand < LIST_COMMAND_CLASS
3     def execute
4       string = get_one_optional_argument || ''
5       # This overrides the default RubyGems ListCommand behavior of doing a wildcard match.  This caused problems
6       # when some gems (ActiveRecord-JDBC) caused exceptions during a remote list, causing a remote list
7       # of other gems (activerecord) to fail as well
8       options[:name] = /^#{string}$/
9       # Do a little metaprogramming magic to avoid calling the problematic execute method on the ListCommand
10       # superclass, and instead directly call the method on the QueryCommand grandparent 'supersuperclass'
11       unbound_execute_method = QUERY_COMMAND_CLASS.instance_method(:execute)
12       bound_execute_method = unbound_execute_method.bind(self)
14     end
15   end
16 end

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